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Luksor Premium 90 Sheets Mint Wipes

Suitable for sensitive skin: Because babies have sensitive skin, wet wipes are free of perfumes, alcohol and other irritants

Hypoallergenic: Given that babies can be prone to allergic reactions, all our wet wipes are hypoallergenic.

Paraben and phthalate free: Parabens and phthalates have been associated with some health concerns, so our baby wipes are free of these substances.

Thick and durable: Thick and durable materials are used, as thin wet wipes can tear easily and make it difficult to clean baby’s skin.

Moisturizing: Babies’ skin often needs moisturizing, all our wet wipes can have moisturizing properties.

Easy to use packaging: For parents dealing with babies, we have designed practical and easy-to-use packaging. We offer one-hand opening lids or resealable packaging.

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